Jamil Hasan welcomes clients from across the diverse Generation X business spectrum to join him on a unique “buyer’s journey.” Jamil has created four unique offerings, based on his own experience and intellectual property, to help his fellow Generation X members move forward powerfully, while embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. While it would take someone at least a decade, or more, to capture Jamil’s body of knowledge doing full time practice and research, Jamil packages his offerings so that you and your business can gain a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Re-Generation X now available on both Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble Booksellers

Lunch and Learn Sessions

This includes a 1-hour Lunch and Learn session that will add insight, team development, and critical leadership skills to your company or team. Specific topics covered include:

  • Discussion of industry opportunities available at your fingertips by leveraging emerging technologies.
  • Competitor analysis stemming from inherent weaknesses exposed through the corporate Paycheck Protection Programs.
  • Impacts of both Dodd-Frank executive compensation and Board of Director sections and the CARES Act legislation.
  • Jamil’s discussion of his latest book Re-Generation X, including his personal journey as a dual heart attack survivor. This discussion includes the subsequent economic and financial lessons Jamil learned as a cryptocurrency investor since 2017.

Three-Session Mastermind

This three-session mastermind includes three 90 minute sessions that cover:

  • A complete analysis of your organization’s data warehousing and user application needs.
  • An interactive SWOT assessment.
  • An assessment of the business needs of your company and how blockchain and other emerging technologies can create a competitive edge for you.

The Course

This is a complete 13-week course designed to be taught either on Zoom (Web-Ex), live in-person, or in a university graduate program setting. This whole program cannot be taught or delivered by anyone else, as it is derived from Jamil’s personal experiences through the last quarter-century. Topics covered are:

  • Creating financial and data literacy.
  • Examining global micro and macro trends, and their relationships to cryptocurrencies.
  • The hidden pitfalls of deriving your own fundamental, data-driven perspectives. (aka: The Art of Not being just a Kitchen Chef).
  • General business and life lessons learned from the Initial Coin Offering Craze of 2017 and its subsequent Crypto Winter in 2018.
  • Crypto Trading Techniques versus Crypto Investing Fundamentals.
  • Understanding blockchains from around the world, and their applications for the creation of Gen X led economies.
  • Navigating the Bear and the Bull.
  • The role of corporate blockchain solutions in designing your business.
  • Understanding Decentralized Finance fundamentals and designing your own insurance products, credit default swaps, and reverse collateralized bond obligations.
  • Building data driven organizations, including databases and governance, and migrating those data organizations to the Blockchain.
  • Navigating future challenges by identifying inherent market challenges and legislative challenges contained within Dodd-Frank and CARES Acts.
My first created Crypto War Games event from 2017

Crypto War Games

My top-level offering is the Crypto War Games, as presented in the book Re-Generation X. During the last three years, the market has evolved and greatly matured. Even banks, which fought against Bitcoin three years ago, have become crypto custodians. Implementing blockchain technology and crypto-based solutions is now a competitive edge, and as time goes on, the failure to implement will be a costly mistake. The world is now ready for our proprietary War Games offerings to see and embrace this new environment and find your organization’s best place in it.

For more information or to book Jamil for any of these offerings, please email Jamil at jamil@jamilhasan.com, or info@jamilhasan.net.