My new book Re-Generation X, on bookshelves in October 2020.

Focusing on the Re-Generation of Generation X to rebuild America’s economy.

Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance, an Amazon best seller in March 2018.

Facilitating discussions for the ethical applications of blockchain technology.

Teaming with Doctor Drew Miller, we created the first ever Cryptocurrency War Games event in 2017.

Blockchain Business War Gaming Strategies to help Crypto-friendly companies challenge traditional industries.

About Jamil Hasan

Jamil Hasan is a Generation X Author and experienced data intelligence technology builder with two decades of experience leading data-based teams at Fortune 100 companies, including AIG, Prudential Financial, and Ingersoll Rand. Jamil believes that skill and experience, not just age, is the most important factor required to build and lead corporate organizations. His unique story, as someone on the ground floor of the 2008 financial crisis and his role to help repay the $180 billion AIG bailout, enabled him to come face-to-face with many of the societal ills facing Generation X today and their causes. As the result of his experience, Jamil has developed a path forward for his fellow Gen Xers to restore his generation’s financial standing in society today and to rebuild the American Dream for Generation X.

Jamil Hasan and his family .

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