Emotional Wellness: Create and maintain enthusiasm about Life and Nutrition while coping effectively with Stress and Ego.

Career Wellness: Make positive choices that are meaningful to you and contribute to your personal growth and career.

Intellectual Wellness: Embark upon the process of Living in Inquiry to embrace learning as a lifelong process allowing you to take risks and explore life-transforming changes.

About Jamil Hasan

Jamil Hasan is a Speaker, coach and expert in preventing burnout in the technology sector. A 20-year finance and technology career manager in multi-national corporations and two-time international best selling author on Amazon.com, Jamil Hasan was laid off from his corporate career in mid-2017 and began pursuing a career as an independent blockchain consultant and entrpreneur before suffering two heart attacks in late 2018. At that time, everything stopped and Jamil began an amazing self discovery journey in wellness and nutrition. In 2019, he recovered from both heart attacks, reversed type 2 diabetes, lost 60 pounds, walked over 1,000 miles, and transformed his mindset to get into the best health of his life – all of this while getting used to being a stay at home Dad for his two sons. While Jamil had great success in his corporate technology career, he realized his newfound recovery coaching, speaking and mentoring skills would help many lose weight and become healthy. In June 2019, he earned his Certified Nutrition Coach designation from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and now is well equipped to help educate fellow technologists and managers on avoiding burnout in the workplace. In his spare time, Jamil is an avid cryptocurrency investor, using his expertise in global business and macroeconomic finance to invest in our planet’s future.

Jamil Hasan and his family – August 2019

For Questions about Bookings: Email Jamil at jamil@jamilhasan.com or info@jamilhasan.net.